Since 2018, CyberCodee and the university of Basel (Switzerland) created a new tool for Identity & Access Management (IAM). The new IAM tool is made into an industry agnostic IAM platfrom with white labeling the screens and fields to reduce customization effort for clients.

CyberShield enables business applications to use security services as a set of consumable APIs and

capabilities, driven by policies and manage compliance through shared, actionable, real time services for Identity & Access Management services.

Cybershield holds a modern admin dashboard & reporting:

  1. Complete Command Control for IAM Administrators
  2. Fully enables monitoring for the portal and APIs
  3. ZERO dependency on markets tools but fully integrated with all IAM tools
  4. 360 degree view on all users and access usage
  5. Risk and Threat Management Console
  6. Build and monitor Audit logs
  7. Legacy dashboard and reporting
  8. Easy onboarding of employees, vendors, 3rd parties & externals